"I have so much more clarity with what and how I am doing.  It was SO great talking to you. You are such an uplifting person and I'm blessed to call you my friend. THANK YOU!"
-L. Schow
"I am stronger and more powerful than I think. [After coaching] I know I am taking one step at a time I can overcome these overwhelming moments. I love and look forward to these calls."
-L. Holz
"I learned that I need to work on my Warrior mode and strive for solutions rather than staying stuck in victim mode. I'm excited that we created a list of items I can do when I self-assess! I really want to do all of those things now!"
-Natalie G.
"I learned that metabolism is the speed limit of every function in the body. I so appreciate you and your intelligence, caring attitude, and ability to direct me. Without this, I don't think I'd be alive."
-Elaine B.
Monthly Payments Only. If a Bi-weekly payment plan is needed, an additional 10% fee will apply.

No Refunds For Unfollowed Plans, Support, or Coaching Calls within the Coaching Time Frame.

Additional 4-week Packages may be added on at any time to reach the duration of coaching you desire.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a minimum or maximum number of weeks I can be coached?
Due to the experience I have in watching people change their behavior, mindset, and body, I believe 12 weeks is a wonderful amount of time to commit to your new way of life. If you feel you do not need 12 weeks for some other reason (former client, very motivated person who simply needs tweaks, etc). then we can definitely do that. The base package is 4 weeks. You may add on any additional 4 week packages you desire at any time.
What Are Your Qualifications?
I am a NASM-certified Personal Trainer (since 2010) as well as Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I am the Author of The Power Foods Lifestyle and have successfully coached over 1,500 people with  conditions ranging from weight loss, metabolism repair, and eating disorder recovery to Hypothyroidism, Type 1 & 2 Diabetes, and pregnancy. I am a self-taught educator having learned from studying the most reputable doctors and Dietitians in the nation, as well as constant perusal of the most recent academic research. I do not follow trends, but have pioneered my own methods. I am not a Registered Dietitian or Doctor. You will sign a liability waiver before working with me. I am also a student of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and regression therapy. I am not a licensed therapist. I conduct all I do as a Strategist and Mindset Strength Coach. If you have any reservations about working with me or my credentials, please spend more time studying my book, podcast, and blog. Do not work with me until you have 100% trust in me. I will lead you to more education and self-discovery than any other program. Guaranteed.
How does Online Coaching work? Do I ever meet you in person?
All coaching is completed using the wonders of technology! I like to meet online with my clients via Skype (you can download a free account at, Google Hangout, or FaceTime. I prefer to see your face, share my screen as we discuss your plans and strategies, and feel like we are in person. Coaching online has allowed me to help many more people with more value than being a traditional trainer in a gym. 
How do I get my Nutrition and/or Fitness plans?
I construct all nutrition and fitness strategies in Google Sheets using different tabs. I will email you the PDF version of the document whenever it's time in your program for a new plan.  I recommend all clients get a three-ring binder to keep their plans and information in. You will use it many times in the next few years as well!
How are my Fitness Plans designed?
I will create your custom fitness plan for home or gym. I will design it to meet your time availability (minimum expectation is 3 days/week and 20 minutes/day) and body sculpting desires. I will be realistic with you in discussing the expected results based on the time and abilities you currently have. All training is about progression and doing your best day-by-day.
What are Coaching Calls and why are they important to add in?
If you are coachable, meaning eager to learn the science behind what we are doing with your nutrition and fitness plans, you definitely need to add Coaching Calls onto your package. Think of this time with me like the mix between a therapist, trainer, and motivational speaker. Each week, you will gain the mindset tools needed to emotionally and psychologically create a sustainable change in your health and body composition. I will help you create a stronger mind, heart, and spirituality that impacts other areas of your life as well. Clients who bring questions and concerns to their coaching calls achieve the greatest outcome from our time.
What is needed to get started?
Simply complete the Enrollment Form which you will find by scrolling up. Once I see that come through, my team will contact you with the liability waiver, how to take your initial measurements and photos, and to set up your payments for the plan you choose.
If Only The Camera Captured The Emotional, Spiritual, and Psychological Changes Too!
"I learned how to make power foods meal that are nutritious and tasted good using Kristy's recipes as well as replacing unnecessary snacking with meals on a balanced time schedule. The customized plan Kristy created for me was critical to my success as it addressed my nutrition needs during a work schedule involving a substantial amount of travel." 
 -Matt Beck
"During bulk training I put on 10 solid pounds in my fist 6 weeks of training. I learned the importance of re-fueling every 2-3 hours." 
 -Mike Ellison
"I leaned a lot--not only about training but about nutrition as well! I use to starve myself and then scarf everything in sight for dinner! I now know to have a healthy balanced meal every 3 hours. I've noticed a major difference, not only in how my body looks, but how I have energy all day!" 
 -Aubrey Hanson
"I learned what kind of fuel I need to give my body to keep the "furnace" going. And the reason why I haven't been able to lose weight is because I was eating too much fat all day long. It was amazing how fast the fat melted away once I was eating correctly. I learned you have to EAT to lose weight!" 
 -Dianne Knight
"I was able to develop a confidence in weight lifting that I never had before. I learned that eating healthy not only helped me lose weight but it helped me feel better." 
 -Kimberly Brenneman
"One of the biggest things I learned was not to pay attention to the number that shows on the scale. I was feeling a whole lot better I had so much more energy than ever because I was fueling my body with foods that it needed, and I could tell I was tightening and defining a lot more than I had ever before." 
 -Tori Bergen
"The best thing I learned from Kristy was to just keep picking myself up when I slip. Best and most simple adviced but it keep my slips from turning into slides. I'm eating a veggie with every meal now and just feel so much better inside an dout. Kristy's workouts kicked my butt big time and I loved how she was there to encourage me every step of the way." 
-Stacy Talbot
"Besides the fact that I lost nearly 25 pounds, I am now able to control my binging episodes as well as my day-to-day food intake. I'm more conscious of the foods I put in my body and more educated about how it will affect my body. I am more active and feel better all around." 
-Rylea Sloat
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