Strategic Nutrition, Fitness, and Mindset
How to be Healthy, Happy, and Hopeful WITHOUT starving or  spending hours in the gym.
Your Body Is Your Vehicle For Life.
What A Blessing That Is!
"Kristy Jo breaks down the fog of information and helps me realize that getting fit and my goals are achievable. When I am asked about my transformation so far and how hard it was, I honestly answer that it wasn’t hard. That is what the amazing thing is about what Body Buddies and Kristy do! You realize that a lifestyle change doesn’t have to consume every waking hour of each day. There are no magic pills, diets or exercise programs that will shrink you 50 pounds in but there are real answers that work. Kristy Jo has helped me realize that I am strong, powerful and important and taking care of myself is an imperative part of my journey and it helps me to love and serve the people around me without resentment and love my life. Thank you, Kristy!! -Brittney B.
Become the Master of Your Health, Happiness, and Hope.
Kristy Jo has been featured on 2News Utah, the Matt Townsend Show, Positive Play Podcast, Athletic Fitness & Nutrition Podcast, Breaking Muscle, Brain Waves Podcast, LiveFit Healthy Summit, So You Don't Fit The Mold, The Spectrum, Run Live Run, The Sugar Cravings Show, and Voices of Utah. She is a regular presenter for workplace wellness and easily accessible through the Body Buddies Facebook page.
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Let's face it: you want to experience freedom from food, feel attractive to your significant other, and have unlimited energy to live your life.

You're sick of working hard without seeing results.
You've had it with all the "advice" out there.
 You are about ready to give up on hope with your body.

Hey, I get it as I used to be there.
But it's time for YOU to make a change.
I'm not talking about the kind of change like "eat this," and "workout like this."

Sure, that's all well and good & my strategies
are better than anything else out there.

But I'm talking specifically about a change from the inside out.
A total re-set of the way you think.

Back when I was in the worst of my battles, I would have
begged, borrowed, or stolen to get the money needed
for the style of coaching & breakthroughs I have for you.

(Check out just several of HUNDREDS of transformations

--inside and out--

by scrolling down, down, down. . .

to the ground, ground, ground . . .

don't you dare frown, frown, frown . . .

(you'll learn I love rhymes and puns when you start listening to the Body Buddies Podcast! Click here to listen to my MOST DOWNLOADED EPISODE.)
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