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What You'll Get On Each Platform (Placed In Order Of My Most Loved)
1. Facebook: Turn Notifications on so you don't miss a Live Video. They're my favorite and I love to drop them when you're not expecting. I'll usually be teaching you something about nutrition and fitness or cooking for you. I try not to blow up your feed here, so trust me, it's worth it to turn on notifications.

2. Instagram: Follow my Main @bodbuds account or nutrition account @powerfoodslifestyle and I'll hook you up with my other side accounts. I post 1-2x/daily, but try to put vaulable content of education or motivation in your Stories. Be sure you like and comment often, or Instagram will stop showing my posts in your Newsfeed.

3. Podcast: Subscribe to the Body Buddies Podcast on iTunes (iPhone) or the Stitcher Radio App (Android). My podcast episodes range from 20-60 minutes and are topic specific. This is the best place to start your FREE learning--and if you search "YOUR DESIRED TOPIC + BODY BUDDIES" you might just find the exact topic training you need. New episodes are posted every 1-2 weeks with alternating interviews and solo episodes.

4. YouTube: Subscribe to the Channel so you're notified when new uploads happen. You will find playlists for Stretching, Exercise Demos, Nutrition education, and lots of other helpful information. I am not very active here in terms of replying to comments, though they're always welcome! Anytime you have a comment, please post on Facebook or Instagram for the best chance of a response.
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